Delta Pee Wee Evaluations

As mentioned in previous communications, the evaluation phase this year will start with the testing phase which will allow us to place your kid in a new group. Once the groups are formed, we will then begin the evaluation phase.

Once again, in the spirit of trying to provide complete transparency and to avoid any confusion, we will name the groups based on their respective category: BB, A & B.

Group C will be formed once the cuts are done in B.

The other aspect of the process where there is often a lot of confusion revolves around the number of teams that will be formed in each category. We unfortunately do not currently have an answer for this – we are currently waiting for the final team structure to be agreed upon and provided by Delta and hockey Laval.


Please keep in mind that a player is initially placed in a letter category based on his testing results however, as the evaluators start their evaluation process, kids may move up or down a category or simply remain in their initial category.


We understand the excitement or disappointment that some parents or players may experience, and that every stage of the evaluation process will affect players and parents alike until teams are formed and so we ask that you keep in mind that some of the evaluators are also parents whose kids are going through the same process.


Fair play, integrity and transparency are key to making this year’s evaluation process a success and so we would like to share with you the evaluation structure we will use this year.



The testing will include: Skating agility, Puck handling, Sprinting and Endurance

Coaches will explain the testing drills and make sure to address any concerns the players may have so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

If you see your kid fall during the test, its ok! Remember, even NHL players fall sometimes!

It’s not how hard you fall, it’s how fast you get up.

This quote will be shared with the kids and they will be instructed to get right back up and continue their test. Remember this is testing and not an evaluation.


Once the testing DAY is over, the evaluation committee will meet [ASAP] and start building the groups. We will email you and place the new groups on Please note:

  • Results sheets will ONLY include your kid’s number and his hockey position.
  • Kids results will be written down and verified by 2 on-ice volunteers.
  • It is extremely important that your child wear the evaluation jersey that was given to him on the first day. Without that jersey, he will not be allowed to take the test.
  • Please ensure your child’s skates are sharpened.
  • Please doublecheck your child’s equipment and have them try it on before the testing day.
  • Please avoid talking to your child once he is on the ice.


Please try and enjoy the moment and keep in mind that as important as this may be to you, it is even more so to your child and they do not need any more pressure than they already feel.



Firstly, as you may have heard, there is not enough ice time available in Laval. Delta Hockey is working very hard to secure availability to help us run this year’s evaluations properly. It is a big challenge and we ask for your understanding and cooperation during this phase.


On the day of the evaluation, we will start with a fast warm-up and a few drills but most of the time will be spent playing a game. This year’s evaluation team is composed of:


  • 5 second-year parents and coaches [Evaluators kid’s number are not on the list and they cannot evaluate their own chid].
  • 5 first year parents and coaches
  • Up to 5 outside evaluators. [evaluators that do not have kids playing in Delta Pee Wee or kids in Delta].

Please note that not all evaluators will be present at the same time. Every kid will be given the chance to get evaluated twice or more and so it is imperative that your child attend the evaluations, as we cannot reschedule evaluations.

As promised in past communications, we want to be as transparent as possible regarding this process and so here are a few additional details that will hopefully help answer any questions you may have:

  • Once evaluators complete their evaluation, they will place their evaluation sheet in an envelop and hand it to one of this year Pee Wee evaluation committee members.
  • A minimum of 2 committee members will meet and insert the results in an application that is developed by Delta hockey, at which point the application will then automatically rank your child based on his results. This may lead to your child changing groups in which case a notification will be sent to you by email.
  • Unfortunately, the word “cut” is a word we will have to contend with in the next few weeks. We understand the urgency to get these done quickly and as painlessly as possible and so we will attempt to share results with you as quickly as possible. We ask for your patience as we all have other obligations but more importantly, we want to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible and the decisions made in regards to your child’s placement are the right ones.



Once the groups are finalised and the coaches are approved by Delta Hockey, players will be part of a draft. Coaches will select their players based on rankings. Kids will then be assigned to their team and you will receive a welcome email from the coaching staff.


Questions and concerns:

We will welcome any question you have during the evaluations process. Please respect the process we have in order for us to help answer your questions and concerns properly and in a timely manner.

  • We will only answer questions regarding your child. We cannot and will not discuss an other child’s results with you.
  • We cannot share any results with you. It is forbidden by Delta rules to show you evaluation sheets or testing results. You need to request that from Delta management and the information to contact them is on the Delta Hockey website.
  • In arenas we are fans, parents or on a task and so we ask that you address any questions directly to If required, it will be our pleasure to schedule an appointment to meet with you. Thank you for respecting our time and responsibilities.
  • Lastly, all discussions regarding your kid must remain confidential and will be documented.




On a personal note:

Hello Delta Pee Wee players. I wish you all a great training camp and hope that you end up on a team where you will develop and build memories. I envy every one of you for doing what most of us parents cannot do: coming to practice after a long day at school, participating in games during your exam weeks and most importantly skating up and down the ice helping your team to win. I wish you good luck and lots of fun. Go Pee Wee Go!


To the parents:

I assure you that I personally have no power in placing your kid in any level and the same goes for each evaluator who, individually, has no power to do so either. With the help of very loyal and genuine parents, we were able to put together a program this year that will help us place your kid in a level where he/she will be able to develop and have fun. Our decisions will be based on data that we will compile from multiple evaluators during camp. I wish you all a great camp and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Your emails will be handled with respect and integrity. Please remember that my son is in camp as well and he deserves my time as a father.

Go Pee Wee Go!